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We recognize that our clients live in a fast-paced society, so our goal is to develop a long-term relationship through whatever form of communication best fits your lifestyle.  We can meet in-person, over the phone, or via web-meetings to offer you the most personalized service possible.


If you’re not currently a client, we will thoroughly assess your current coverage for risk exposure, and begin the search for a more competitive price. If you’re in the Diamond Legacy family, we perform an exhaustive analysis yearly to ensure you have comprehensive coverage at the lowest price available.


We understand that every client we work with is unique, which means every policy we work with is unique as well. At Diamond Legacy, we offer a wide range of insurance solutions through our portfolio of A-rated insurance carriers so no matter how specific you needs may be, Diamond Legacy will connect you with a trusted carrier to fit that very need.


Multiple Carriers

DIAMOND LEGACY utilizes leverage with our relationship with 15+ Carriers to find the best coverage and rates. We do the shopping for your insurance dollar, our clients do the saving.

MOST OF THE PROPERTY AND CASUALTY MARKET is represented by Captive Agents, which means they can only utilize one company, one product and one price.


DIAMOND LEGACY agents are problem solvers when it comes to risk management. We make a career out of assessing our clients’ needs and then pursuing the right carriers to match those specific coverage needs.

OUR COMPETITION assesses the client’s needs and then are hopeful those coverage needs fits into the only product they can offer. Hope is NOT a strategy.


DIAMOND LEGACY is your true trusted personal advisor. Not only do we find you competitive market pricing, we make sure you’re adequately covered.

OUR COMPETITION is sometimes limited by their “access” and therefore, could be limited with unique and different types of coverage offerings.


DIAMOND LEGACY is high touch and easily accessible. As your advocate, we are always available by phone, text, or email. We believe in a family atmosphere where you will always be comforted by our accessibility and our response time.

OUR COMPETITION just sees you as another “number.” It is often very difficult to reach someone live on the phone, or someone when you need it most.


DIAMOND LEGACY performs annual reviews and market comparisons each year at renewal. Each year the insurance market pricing changes from carrier to carrier, therefore, it is prudent to constantly work on your behalf to connect you with the lowest priced insurance company.

OUR COMPETITION routinely keeps you with the same carrier for an average of 7 years without pricing out different markets.

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